After renovating our lounge I decided it was finally time to pick up some new houseplants. Before we sorted the room out it was very cluttered and there wasn’t much room for anything else but now we’ve got rid of the majority of things and cleared some space it was time to introduce some more greenery to the space as nothing makes me happier than a room filled with different plants. As well as my new additions there has been one plant that’s finally come into its own after a near-death experience earlier in the year and these are the details on all of them as well as some very lovely planters that don’t cost a small fortune.


This was the plant that very nearly died on me, it was living in the bathroom where I thought it might be ok as it’s not too dark and obviously it’s humid. But it wasn’t getting enough light and too much water which is a recipe for disaster with most plants. Since moving this to our bedroom where it gets a good amount of indirect sunlight it has thrived and has so much new growth and it doesn’t mind the draft from the window which is brilliant. These plants are especially good for bedrooms and offices as they work hard to purify the air around them. Once you find a place in the house where they’re happy they’re really easy to look after and I recommend watering every week or when you notice the plant is approaching dryness but do not overwater these plants as they’ll quickly let you know that they’re not happy.



One of the newest members to my plant collection is actually part of the succulent family despite not really looking the part with its glossy leaves and beautiful red stems. Which means, in theory, it should be relatively easy to take care of but that isn’t always the case with plants from this family and I’ve sadly had to attend lots of succulent funerals in the past. This baby requires a lot of light and minimal watering, the soil needs to be moist but be careful of overwatering. Hopefully, I’ve found a good spot for this to live and it will continue to thrive as right now it looks beautiful. I’ve become quite obsessed with trailing plants lately and hopefully when this grows it should hang beautifully so ideally I’d like it to become a hanging plant one day but as of right now it’s in a tall planter.



I hunted for a pilea for months and then I spotted this one in a little plant shop pop up in Meadowhall and couldn’t leave her behind. They’re often known as Chinese Money Plants and there’s a myth that if you pop a coin into the soil the plant will bring you fortune. Mine is very leggy which I absolutely love as I’m hoping to be able to propagate a couple of leaves as I cannot get enough of these beautiful plants and their super shiny leaves. Pilea are typically very easy to care for as long as they’ve got a good amount of light and are regularly watered, you do have to be very careful of root rot though. You can use a liquid fertiliser once a month to help encourage new growth but I’ve not done that with mine as she’s already leggy enough and growing well without.



Another new plant to my collection and not like anything that I’ve ever seen before and I instantly fell in love with its beautiful little greenish-grey leaves that overhang its pot. This plant is known to like a sunny spot and regular watering, especially in the warmer months but make sure you don’t let it sit in water otherwise you will more than likely experience root rot. I’d say plants like this are awesome if you’re looking for something pretty but low maintenance if you’re only just getting into the world of house plants.



I’ve been meaning to pick up one another devils ivy for a while as I love the one I have in my office. They’re super easy to take care of and I adore the way that they look, this one unlike the one in my office doesn’t have a moss pole so I will be interested to see how it grows and if it will be good for trailing. They need a good amount of light but nothing direct as that is too harsh for this plant and regular waterings, I find they’re ok to dry out in between watering but they prefer to be a little moist. These are easily one of the best plants if you’re a beginner as I think they’re incredibly easy to maintain but give a lot back in terms of growth.















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