Sometimes picking a pair of shoes to go with your fire outfit can be tough, luckily these 5 men’s shoes go with any outfit, so you won’t have to worry! Toss out those old runners you’ve had for years and get yourself a pair of one of these bad boys to tie together any outfit!

1. All-white Converse

Probably the most versatile men’s shoes on the market. This is the swiss-army knife of the shoe world. You can wear this shoe year-round without fail. Wear this shoe with some high white socks and some jean shorts during the summer, rock some ankle socks and some pin-rolled pants for a hipster vibe, or even rock them with an all-black suit to spice up the whole outfit. This is a pair of shoes that every man should 100% have in their closet.


2. Black and white Vans Old Skool

If you’re looking to rock the cool skater vibe without actually being a skater, these are the men’s shoes for you. Black and white go with everything so this shouldn’t be a surprise, but like the White converse, you could even pair this with formal clothing to show that you’ve got a fun side to you (that being said, we wouldn’t necessarily rock these for a job interview with a tuxedo). This shoe is a killer look and is so hot right now, everyone has a pair of these right now.


3. Blundstones

These shoes are gorgeous. The slick suede and the lace-less style has us buzzing over this shoe. They’re hearty men’s shoes as well, take them on hikes, rough them up a bit, no worry, they’ve got a killer warranty on them, so you have nothing to worry about. Cover the top have of the boot with dress pants to make them look like more of a dress shoe, treat them like a hiking boot with some high socks and khaki shorts, or wear them with your favorite pair of jeans! This shoe brings so many possibilities, and who doesn’t love a good boot, such a nice look.


4. Nike Air Force 1

HOP ON THE BANDWAGON! These men’s shoes are so popular you’ll have to get a pair. The clean all-white goes with anything just like the Converse. The only difference is this shoe gives off a bit of a different vibe than the Converse. This shoe will show people that you are up with the times and have you look good while doing it, it’s a certified classic!


5. Black slip-on Vans

Another Vans classic. Easy to wear having no laces, and extremely versatile. Wear these men’s shoes with any casual wear or even pin-roll some black dress pants with your formal wear to give your look some snazz. This shoe is awesome. The minimalistic style keeps it simple, yet sleek.


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